This website supports Proxim Wireless customers on RMA services by providing the customer with the following functions:

  • View RMA Status -- View RMAs that were issued against your email address.  The user can choose to view the RMAs with either the 'Open', 'Closed' or 'Dropped' status.  It shows the RMA items and the email correspondence for the selected RMA and provides a function for the user to send message to the Proxim Wireless RMA coordinator for the RMA chosen.
  • Request for RMA -- Provide functions for the user to request for RMA and view requests that are 'Outstanding', 'Issued' or 'Dropped'

To access the functions the user has to register first. 

 If there is any question regarding this website, please contact the Proxim RMA Coordinator at rmadept@proxim.com.





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